News of events that happened in the life of the club.

Feb 012013

MICHAEL Maughan, a man regarded as a quiet “do-er”, was named as Parramatta’s top citiizen, said the Parramatta Advertiser.

Telopea stalwart Michael was named Parramatta Citizen of the Year on Australia Day.

The modest businessman said he was “overwhelmed” to be named the area’s top citizen, out of a hotly contested field of 14.

Mr Maughan has worked tirelessly for the Telopea community and with the Lions Club for decades.

The awards were announced following the citizenship ceremony in Parramatta Town Hall on Australia Day. Lord Mayor John Chedid congratulated the nominees, who he said “went above and beyond the call of duty to the community”.

Cr  Chedid presented the awards together with Parramatta’s Australia Day Ambassador, Bob Turner, one of Australia’s most recognisable and respected sports personalities.

Michael Maughan has been an active participant and strong advocate for community groups across Western Sydney and Parramatta for more than two decades.

Michael is chairman of the NSW and ACT Nurses Scholarship Foundation in addition to being an active member of the Lions Club of Carlingford-Dundas.

Our congratulations to Michael. Your dedication to the community is recognised and this award is but a symbol of that recognition. May God bless you, your work, and every community you serve.

Jan 032013

Happy New Year to everyone!

Congratulations one and all, our New Year’s Eve BBQ this year was a great success. A wonderful result to start the New Year For Carlingford Dundas Lions.

Special thanks are due to Ray for his arranging all the supplies and his time put in before the event and to Steve for delivering the trailer to & from the site and his tireless efforts both prior and during the BBQ. And to all our volunteers who worked so hard on such a busy night- Elspeth, Debbie, Maureen & Clem, Levon, Halina, Natalie, Libby, Brian, Murray & Valerie and Alison.

When the crowds started to get hungry our gallant team, apart from some interrupted short breaks, were steadfast in their flow of food and drinks to the multitude, keeping the queue, which all the other stalls had, to a minimum. Based on the turnover we probably served around 1000 meals. So thanks to all, not everyone in perfect health, who turned up to assist.

Apart from some delays the system worked like a well oiled assembly line. A great effort by all. An early start with our onion team of Elspeth purchase and some initial  slicing, Clem continuing the effort and Levon keeping  the flow with cooking with one 4 burner BBQ continuously full of onions.

And while Peter has praised all for their effort I would like to express my thanks to him and to Steve. Without these 2 supporters of the BBQ scene, this 2012 NYE BBQ would not have been the success that it was.

Many thanks to Brian for his hospitality to many of us to welcome in the New Year.

Check the pictures of the event here.

Ray, Clem, Peter

Jan 032013

IMGP7138On Monday 17 December, a few lions gathered at Steve & Debbie’s place to put together 20 Christmas hampers to be distributed to the needy.

Jan 022013

Nepean 1On Sunday 28th October ten of us joined the Nepean Belle Paddlesteamer for a luncheon cruise down the Nepean river. Attached are a few photos. The event was organised by Jeannette & a good time was had by all. Those of us on the boat were Jeannette, Paul, Debbie, Steve, Elspeth, Ray, Robyn, David, Alison & I

Peter Dean

Nepean 2 Nepean 3

Jan 022013

psv 1During July Alison & I were in Phuket in Thailand and took the opportunity to visit the Phuket Sunshine Village. Our Club has supported this orphanage for the past two years. After the Tsunami in 2004 the Lions Club of Phuket Andaman Sea initiated a child sponsorship program and with financial help from the French Red Cross the village was completed in 2007 and now houses more than 100 children aged from 4 to 18. Many individuals and organisations around the world support the foundation in providing quality care for the children. Whilst many Lions Clubs in the UK and Europe are sponsors ours is the only Australian Club listed on the Foundation’s website as a sponsor.

psv 2On arrival at the site Alison & I were greeted by the staff and the Operations Director, Mrs Nuttisa and met the younger children in the day-care center. As it was a week day most of the children were away attending school. We were very impressed with the friendliness of the staff and the love & care that the children obviously get. All the areas and surrounds of the village were very clean and well maintained. Attention is given to developing the skills of the children so that they can achieve self-sufficiency as adults.

psv 3The Foundation has an excellent website which is worth a look. Just google Phuket Sunshine Village

Peter Deane


Jan 012013


What began with just a small bronze commemorative plaque and a single tree back in 2002 has now become a stunning sandstone Memorial with three bronze plaques set in a designated Lions Memorial Garden.

As is usual each year, the Carlingford-Dundas Lions Club conducts a National Tree Planting Day BBQ for Parramatta City Council. At that BBQ back in 2002 in Upjohn Park, Dundas, a member of Council’s staff, on hearing of the death of Lion Reg Kline (which had occurred only a week or so previously) offered to put aside an area in the Park, where a tree could be planted and a plaque installed to commemorate Reg’s work during the 16 short months he had been a Lion. That offer was gratefully accepted and the tree and plaque were in place in December of that year.


Following the death of one of the Club’s greatest Lions, PDG Don Furnass, three years later, the Club commemorated his memory with a similar plaque and the planting of another tree. At the same time, by planting a third tree and unveiling a third plaque, we remembered eight other Lions, who had died while serving their community.

Unfortunately, over the years, the designated area became overgrown and the trees and the plaques became difficult to locate.


Late last year, an approach was made to Council with a request for another more suitable site in the Park to be made available.

We have been overwhelmed with the generosity and co-operation of Parramatta City Council in providing the new site for our Memorial and for naming it the Carlingford-Dundas Lions Memorial Garden. And then there is Ian Furnass, son of the late PDG Don Furnass, and the principal of Furnass Landscaping Enterprises Pty. Ltd. Ian provided, at his cost, the sandstone Memorial and landscaping which have enhanced the site enormously. Wonderful gestures from both Council and Ian.

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On Wednesday, 25 July, the Lord Mayor of Parramatta, Councillor Lorraine Wearne, officially unveiled the Memorial and dedicated the Carlingford-Dundas Lions Memorial Garden.

We were particularly pleased to welcome at the unveiling and dedication, representatives of some of those deceased Lions. Firstly, there was Kim Riddell, the daughter of Charter Member the Late Allan Riddell; the Late Kevin Paton’s Lions Lady Roely; and the Late PDG Don Furnass’ Lions Lady Barbara, their daughter Coralie and son Ian together with Ian’s wife, Liz.


Other departed Lions whose names appear on the centre (third) plaque are Charter President PDG Athol Angel, Ted Tricker, Neil Hudson, Ray Clorley, Frank Simington and Bill Waarts.

The Club is eternally grateful to both the Lord Mayor and her fellow Councillors and to Ian Furnass for providing this Memorial Garden and, thereby, giving the Club a magnificent and meaningful way by which to remember our colleagues whose deaths brought to an end their community service.

As far as we are aware, this is the only Lions Club Memorial of its type in District 201N5, but would welcome hearing of any other.


Dec 312012

AdneyMy term as President for 2011-2012 has come to its conclusion and I have many members to thank for their contributions during the year in making our Club a most successful one.

My particular thanks to Peter Deane, Clem Cawley and Ray Steele and my gratitude to the team of hardworking members who never cease to make an effort to make things happen and give freely of their time and energies in making our Club run so efficiently.

Our Treasurer Peter Deane, is the quintessential Lion for whom nothing is too small or too large to take on and get done in his quiet way, with no fuss, just efficient generosity of time and service.

Clem, our Secretary, has been exemplary in his position. As well as his many duties as secretary, Clem is totally committed to the Camp Lionheart Dinner, together with Geoff Bailey and their committee. The work, time and effort required each year to put this event together requires huge commitment, and Clem, Geoff and their team manage to bring it all together year after year and always with outstanding results of usually over $30,000 profit which is a remarkable achievement. Clem has also continued to produce (in recent times in association with Levon) our wonderful Pride magazine and it just keeps getting better and better.

Ray Steele, our “Barbecue King” has been outstanding in his commitment to the organisation of the many barbecues throughout the year raising $19,672 profit. An exceptional result. My thanks too, to all members and partners who have volunteered their services and attending barbecues during the year.

I would like to mention that three of our members have been District Chairmen during my term. David Evans (Incoming President) Zone 13 Chairman, Brian Curran, District Youth of the Year Chairman and Michael Maughan, Chairman of the Nurses’ Scholarship Foundation with Peter Deane a serving member on his committee. This is a great representation from our Club members involved in the running of District 201 N5.

Fundraising for the year has been extremely successful with a total of $57,981 raised from Barbecues, Camp Lionheart Dinner, Toastmasters’ breakfasts, Xmas cakes, mints & fudge, Candlelight Supper and the grocery raffle. Our Club has distributed $55,358 to numerous charities, with $3,000 in reserve.

We have again participated in the Youth of the Year Program with David Evans organising the Club Final and Brian Curran the District Final at Bankstown Sports Club. A new program the “Voice of Youth” which involved years 7 & 8 students, was held at Tara Anglican School for Girls.

This event was extremely well organised and my sincere thanks to Geoff Bailey and Clem Cawley who really excelled themselves in the running of this “first time” event. Our Club has been involved in several overseas aid programs, namely The Phuket Sunshine Village Foundation, The HELP Foundation Bangladesh, Education Builds Bridges in Acheh and Helping Hand Cambodia.

Our social and fundraising committees have been very active during the year and our members and partners have enjoyed several organised events.

Finally, I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to you all, members old and new, who have worked so tirelessly to maintain the success of our Club. I am sure with our new President and Board, our Club will go from strength to strength.

Peter Adney

Dec 312012

Ryde-Parramatta Golf Club, Sunday 1 July, 2012

A happy new President receives the gong & gavel from 1st Vice District Governor, Warren Latham

A happy new President receives the gong & gavel from 1st Vice District Governor, Warren Latham

Well, Peter Adney’s time as President has been put to bed and that of David Evans has been awakened from its slumber.

Peter has served us well for the last two years and can now sit back and reflect, over a glass or three of fine muscat, or perhaps a fine shiraz.

David has been recycled for another stint (surely more than one) at the Presidency having been down that path too many years ago.

Order of proceedings commenced with the MC, Clem Cawley, welcoming guests

  • 1st Vice District Governor, Warren Latham, accompanied on the day by his Lions Lady (& Lion) Marilyn.
  • State Member for Parramatta, Dr Geoff Lee MP
  • Deputy Lord Mayor, Parramatta City Council, Lion Andrew Wilson
  • Scott Hurren, Executive Director of Nursing, Allowah Children’s Hospital
  • Lorraine Bonisoli, Manager, Manning Foundation.

Reg Millett was then invited to give the Invocation & to propose the Loyal Toast. Andrew Wilson and Jeannette Potts were then asked to read the Lions Code of Ethics and the Lions Purposes, respectively.

Lorraine Bonisoli receiving donation for Manning Foundation

Lorraine Bonisoli receiving donation for Manning Foundation

Following a plentiful and satisfying buffet lunch, Camp Lionheart Chairman Geoff Bailey gave us a brief outline on this year’s Camp Lionheart Gala Dinner which is to be held once again at Oatlands House, currently undergoing refurbishment.

As is customary, the outgoing President gives a report on his stewardship. Peter Adney followed that routine. A copy of his Report forms part of this summary. As is also customary, Peter made a couple of presentations, firstly $1,500 to the Manning Foundation (Lorraine Bonisoli) and, secondly, $2,500 to Allowah Children’s Hospital (Scott Hurren).

Scott Hurren receiving donation for Allowah Children’s Hospital

Scott Hurren receiving donation for Allowah Children’s Hospital

Peter also made a few presentations to Lions for their service throughout 2011-2012:-

  • Steven Hirsch was presented with a Ken Lentfer Award for his outstanding work on cake sales.
  • Tanya Belon received a Neil Williams Award for her work in Cake Sales and for her success in raising funds for Camp Lionheart and the Christmas Hampers from her employer.
  • David Evans for his work on Youth of the Year, Camp Lionheart and for towing the BBQ trailer.
  • Jeannette Potts for her work in securing Guest Speakers, and in fundraising and social committees.
  • Peter Deane, the Club Treasurer, for his work on just too many projects. In other words for being the quintessential Lion.
  • Brian Curran for his work on District as Youth of the Year Chairman
  • Michael Maughan for his work as Chairman of the Nurses Scholarship Foundation and arranging its BBQs, and for his assistance on the Camp Lionheart Committee.
  • Sigrid Rottman for her work as a member of the Camp Lionheart Committee and on Club BBQs.
  • Ray Steele, the BBQ King, for being just that and for doing it so well.
  • Romy Rose for always being there when needed at Club BBQs.
  • Geoff Bailey and Clem Cawley each received a “Lion of the Year” Award, particularly for their work on the Camp Lionheart Committee.
Dr Geoff Lee MP, with his sponsor, Brian Curran, after his induction by 1st Vice District Governor, Warren Latham

Dr Geoff Lee MP, with his sponsor, Brian Curran, after his induction by 1st Vice District Governor, Warren Latham

An excited new member with his BBQ kit

An excited new member with his BBQ kit

After all that, it was time for a bit of a break. Shortly afterwards, 1st Vice District Governor Warren was asked to induct our latest Lion, Dr Geoff Lee MP. Being 1 July meant that Geoff was probably one of the first new Lions anywhere for 2012-2013. As well as his formal induction he was informally inducted as a member of the Carlingford-Dundas Lions Club BBQ Team and was presented with his official BBQ shirt and cap.

Following the usual Toast to Lions Clubs International by Brian Curran, to which Warren responded, Warren then proceeded to induct the new Board of Directors for 2012-2013. You can see the full roll-up of these office-bearers at the front of this edition.

All the formalities over, all that remained was a spirited session of Tail-Twisting by Michael Maughan and the drawing of the raffle.

President David ensured that Warren did not go home empty-handed.

President David ensured that Warren did not go home empty-handed.

Lion Marilyn accepts a floral arrangement for accompanying her 1st VDG husband, Warren.

Lion Marilyn accepts a floral arrangement for accompanying her 1st VDG husband, Warren.