Mission Statement of the Membership Committee of the Carlingford Dundas Lions Club

  1. To recruit new Members explaining the Ideals and Ethics of the service club.
  2. To encourage members to participate in our many diverse service projects, but recognising their individual responsibilities in regard to family, profession and capabilities.
  3. To encourage the diversity of members’ interests and strengths, appreciating the contribution they can make to the stability and growth of the club and the community, which may not always be obvious.
  4. To look after the welfare of all members and endeavor to retain existing membership.
  5. To be responsible for the collection of any outstanding dues and report recommendations for any action if necessary to the board.
  6. To recognize that a strong and financial club is essential for continued growth.
  7. To ensure that no individual’s membership, financial or otherwise, is discussed at open board meeting without first calling on the membership committee to investigate and report.