Jan 032013

Happy New Year to everyone!

Congratulations one and all, our New Year’s Eve BBQ this year was a great success. A wonderful result to start the New Year For Carlingford Dundas Lions.

Special thanks are due to Ray for his arranging all the supplies and his time put in before the event and to Steve for delivering the trailer to & from the site and his tireless efforts both prior and during the BBQ. And to all our volunteers who worked so hard on such a busy night- Elspeth, Debbie, Maureen & Clem, Levon, Halina, Natalie, Libby, Brian, Murray & Valerie and Alison.

When the crowds started to get hungry our gallant team, apart from some interrupted short breaks, were steadfast in their flow of food and drinks to the multitude, keeping the queue, which all the other stalls had, to a minimum. Based on the turnover we probably served around 1000 meals. So thanks to all, not everyone in perfect health, who turned up to assist.

Apart from some delays the system worked like a well oiled assembly line. A great effort by all. An early start with our onion team of Elspeth purchase and some initial  slicing, Clem continuing the effort and Levon keeping  the flow with cooking with one 4 burner BBQ continuously full of onions.

And while Peter has praised all for their effort I would like to express my thanks to him and to Steve. Without these 2 supporters of the BBQ scene, this 2012 NYE BBQ would not have been the success that it was.

Many thanks to Brian for his hospitality to many of us to welcome in the New Year.

Check the pictures of the event here.

Ray, Clem, Peter