Dec 312012

AdneyMy term as President for 2011-2012 has come to its conclusion and I have many members to thank for their contributions during the year in making our Club a most successful one.

My particular thanks to Peter Deane, Clem Cawley and Ray Steele and my gratitude to the team of hardworking members who never cease to make an effort to make things happen and give freely of their time and energies in making our Club run so efficiently.

Our Treasurer Peter Deane, is the quintessential Lion for whom nothing is too small or too large to take on and get done in his quiet way, with no fuss, just efficient generosity of time and service.

Clem, our Secretary, has been exemplary in his position. As well as his many duties as secretary, Clem is totally committed to the Camp Lionheart Dinner, together with Geoff Bailey and their committee. The work, time and effort required each year to put this event together requires huge commitment, and Clem, Geoff and their team manage to bring it all together year after year and always with outstanding results of usually over $30,000 profit which is a remarkable achievement. Clem has also continued to produce (in recent times in association with Levon) our wonderful Pride magazine and it just keeps getting better and better.

Ray Steele, our “Barbecue King” has been outstanding in his commitment to the organisation of the many barbecues throughout the year raising $19,672 profit. An exceptional result. My thanks too, to all members and partners who have volunteered their services and attending barbecues during the year.

I would like to mention that three of our members have been District Chairmen during my term. David Evans (Incoming President) Zone 13 Chairman, Brian Curran, District Youth of the Year Chairman and Michael Maughan, Chairman of the Nurses’ Scholarship Foundation with Peter Deane a serving member on his committee. This is a great representation from our Club members involved in the running of District 201 N5.

Fundraising for the year has been extremely successful with a total of $57,981 raised from Barbecues, Camp Lionheart Dinner, Toastmasters’ breakfasts, Xmas cakes, mints & fudge, Candlelight Supper and the grocery raffle. Our Club has distributed $55,358 to numerous charities, with $3,000 in reserve.

We have again participated in the Youth of the Year Program with David Evans organising the Club Final and Brian Curran the District Final at Bankstown Sports Club. A new program the “Voice of Youth” which involved years 7 & 8 students, was held at Tara Anglican School for Girls.

This event was extremely well organised and my sincere thanks to Geoff Bailey and Clem Cawley who really excelled themselves in the running of this “first time” event. Our Club has been involved in several overseas aid programs, namely The Phuket Sunshine Village Foundation, The HELP Foundation Bangladesh, Education Builds Bridges in Acheh and Helping Hand Cambodia.

Our social and fundraising committees have been very active during the year and our members and partners have enjoyed several organised events.

Finally, I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to you all, members old and new, who have worked so tirelessly to maintain the success of our Club. I am sure with our new President and Board, our Club will go from strength to strength.

Peter Adney